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1-714 - 390 - 4255   |   eileen@oldroydrealty.com

​2017 Green Advisory Board, National Association of REALTORS
2017 State Treasurer-Women's Council of REALTORS, California

2017 Women's Council of REALTORS, Leadership Academy Instructor
2017 Director, California Association of REALTORS
2017 Board of Directors, Orange County REALTORS
EverGreen Award Winner, National Association of REALTORS
National Association of REALTORS Instructor, GREEN Designation

They say that if you love what you do that you never will work another day in your life. I can't lie, real estate is hard work, but it's worth every bit of effort. Working in this industry has taught me a great deal about the needs of buyers and sellers But it has also taught me that REALTORS are on the front line of being able to make a difference in their communities.  

Besides working within my community, my passion is everything green. From energy efficiency to healthy homes to drought tolerant plants, I'm all in. My biggest achievement was creating the Veggie Mobile.

The Veggie Mobile started as my way to “talk the talk” as a GREEN Realtor. It wasn’t easy hauling my clients around in an oily aging beauty, but it has opened up so many other wonderful opportunities. I enjoy showing my clients how it works, why we did it and brag about my husband’s mechanical abilities. One thing we didn’t expect was the amount of tinkering an old gal like that would require. My husband went way outside of the box when it came to how to rig a secondary fuel tank in the trunk.
My crowning achievement was receiving the EverGreen Award from the National Association of REALTORS. There are over a million NAR members and less than five of them receive this award every year. I'm honored to be among this elite group that has made a difference in the green community.  

That about sums it all up with all the big ticket items in my world of all things green. Unless you want to hear about my wormery. Now you know why the call me "Green" Eileen

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